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Jackson, MI
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If James Taylor could paint like Rembrandt and O’Henry could sing like David Wilcox, they’d sound pretty much like the contemporary acoustic songs of Dan Hazlett.


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“You only come across an artist like Hazlett once in a while and his album The Corner of My Eye is a joy to listen to.” – Matheson Kamin – Matheson’s Entertainment Blog


“Hazlett’s work here seems as familiar as it is cozy, as reminiscent of another time as it is timeless and connective. After the turbulent end of the 1960s and the Vietnam War sounds like these were a balm for a nation weary from conflict. In many ways, they are again now.” – Nick De Riso – Something Else Reviews


“Dan’s unique vocal styling is paired with excellent guitar playing and thoughtful lyrics. His guitar skills add a great dimension to the original, imaginative lyrics, coming together into a complete package of musicality.” (Andrea Hill, Singer Magazine)


“Dan writes his heart’s stories, weaving them into a lyrical web of beauty, courage, childhood memories, old automobiles and family trees.” (Maggie Ferguson, The Old Front Porch Radio Show / Concert Series Presenter)


“In these days of inexpensive recording devices it’s easy to believe that anyone can record music anywhere anytime but my recent experience recording with Home Street Music has shown me the benefits that come by working with Dan Hazlett – not just for his recording and mixing skill and experience – but for many other things including: extracting the best studio performance, providing studio musicians, production suggestions, guidance for mastering and replication and many more. Dan’s encouragement, knowledge and experience have been pivotal in the completion of my recording.” – Alan Sturt